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AngularJS ng-Conf 2014

It was a privilege to speak at the first-ever AngularJS conference. And here is a recording of the Live presentation streamed to over 15,000 remote attendees: Below are the two (2) slide decks for my AngularJS presentation(s) at ng-Conf in Salt Lake City, UT. A topic of significant interest is the issue(s) of Dependency Injection. […]

GitHub Tricks: Upload Images & Live Demos

Often developers will publish source code to a custom application or library on GitHub. Experienced developers will also document their code/solution with a detailed README, and perhaps Wiki pages. But those same developers often do not have convenient answers to the following issues: How do you upload images that you want to be shown in […]

Flattening Promise Chains

Promises are a great solution to address complexities of asynchronous requests and responses. AngularJS provides Promises using services such as $q and $http; other services also use promises, but I will not discuss those here. Promises allow developers to easily attach 1x-only notifications of response to any asynchronous request/action. Promises also enable two (2) other […]