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AngularJS ng-Conf 2014

It was a privilege to speak at the first-ever AngularJS conference. And here is a recording of the Live presentation streamed to over 15,000 remote attendees: Below are the two (2) slide decks for my AngularJS presentation(s) at ng-Conf in Salt Lake City, UT. A topic of significant interest is the issue(s) of Dependency Injection. […]

Flattening Promise Chains

Promises are a great solution to address complexities of asynchronous requests and responses. AngularJS provides Promises using services such as $q and $http; other services also use promises, but I will not discuss those here. Promises allow developers to easily attach 1x-only notifications of response to any asynchronous request/action. Promises also enable two (2) other […]

Enhancing AngularJS Logging using Decorators

AngularJS Logging with Color and $Log

Let’s explore how to use Decorators to enhance AngularJS logging and supercharge the $log service. AngularJS has a great hidden feature $provider.decorator() that allows developers to intercept services and substitute, monitor, or modify features of those intercepted services. The decorator feature is not deliberately hidden… rather it is masked by so many other great AngularJS […]

Dependency Injection using RequireJS & AngularJS

How is RequireJS dependency injection (DI) used with AngularJS DI? Developers use RequireJS to asynchronously load Javascript and establish package/import dependencies. And the AngularJS MVC framework is used to architect HTML5 SPAs (single-page applications) using dependency injection (DI) and databindings. Developers working on non-trivial HTMl5 applications quickly realize the importance of using RequireJS with AngularJS. […]